“There’s no spiritual arrogance that comes out in Vinnie’s teaching. His New York sense of humor and the way he uses all styles of music in class makes him a unique teacher and one of my favorite people!”

Grace Slick

“Vinnie provides the perfect blend of the Eastern quest for enlightenment with the Western quest for a great body. He takes it as seriously as you will. He will change your life if you let him.”

David Duchovny

“Yes, Vinnie Marino is a rock star. Yes, he is charismatic, dynamic and hysterically funny. Yes, his classes are strong and full to overflowing, but beyond simply popular, Vinnie is a first rate teacher. He shares generously not only his considerable charms, but years of technical training making each class intelligent, thoughtful, responsible and smart.

Vinnie’s vinyasa flow classes are a creative and surprising blend of his offbeat personality, classic-rock taste mixed with challenging sequencing and a strong focus on alignment. This eclectic combination makes him one of the most interesting yoga teachers I know.”

Seane Corn

“I love Vinnie’s class, can’t wait to get there when I’m in LA. After his challenging class I feel great! Vinnie’s retreats are incredibly BLISSFUL!”

Heather Graham

“I used to like yoga fine — I could take it or leave it — then I went to Vinnie’s class and all the rules changed. I had no idea I could sweat that much, work that hard and lose myself in a room packed with people. Simply put — HE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.”

Jennifer Jason Leigh

“Vinnie is the ultimate yoga instructor… skilled, occasionally brutal, yet compassionate and witty.”

Robert Downey Jr.