Seane Corn

“Yes, Vinnie Marino is a rock star. Yes, he is charismatic, dynamic and hysterically funny. Yes, his classes are strong and full to overflowing, but beyond simply popular, Vinnie is a first rate teacher. He shares generously not only his considerable charms, but years of technical training making each class intelligent, thoughtful, responsible and smart.

Vinnie’s vinyasa flow classes are a creative and surprising blend of his offbeat personality, classic-rock taste mixed with challenging sequencing and a strong focus on alignment. This eclectic combination makes him one of the most interesting yoga teachers I know.”

Jennifer Jason Leigh

“I used to like yoga fine — I could take it or leave it — then I went to Vinnie’s class and all the rules changed. I had no idea I could sweat that much, work that hard and lose myself in a room packed with people. Simply put — HE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.”

Grace Slick

“There’s no spiritual arrogance that comes out in Vinnie’s teaching. His New York sense of humor and the way he uses all styles of music in class makes him a unique teacher and one of my favorite people!”